I Feel Helpless and Hopeless

Hi mums, advice needed please!
My partner and I fight a lot- he doesn't help out with chores around the house, we have different opinions when it comes to lots of things, we grew up in very different homes, he is quite racist and homophobic and I am not those things at all. I have changed since we had our daughter, 3 years ago.... I do love him, but I don't like him a lot of the time... I don't think it's a healthy relationship, I don't think it's right for my daughter to experience him yelling/swearing at me.... he smokes weed- I hate that it's in our house- never near my daughter, but I hate it, it's the cause of a lot of our fights... he says I've changed and all I do is nag or clean, doesn't offer to help, just nags that he can't relax and thinks I'm always on edge... basically there are soooo many reasons that we shouldn't be together anymore.... but I just don't know how to end it.... what happens to our house? He usually looks after our daughter if I'm at work on weekends, I don't trust him not to smoke weed and drive with her in the car, what happens if we split and I have to have him look after her or send her to stay with him? He doesn't know her routine much, I do/organise everything.... I know those things are not a reason to stay in a relationship that's isn't working, but I don't know what else to do. Thanks if you have managed to read this far! I just feel helpless and hopeless and don't know what to do anymore.

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